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Orthodontic appliances (braces) and wire are lightweight and small. Often additional appliances are added to the braces to improve their function.


Sometimes the upper jaw is too narrow to accomodate all of your teeth. When this happens you might be told you need a palatal expander.This appliance works by widening the halves of the upper jaw. The expander is "activated" by turning the screw. This is done with a "key". The metal key is attached to a blue plastic handle. During the process of widening you may develop a space between your upper front teeth. This is normal. Usually after the month of "turning the key" your palate is wide enough and you will enter the holding phase after PSA is removed. You will recieve a retainer after this phase. ( Turning key instructions)


This appliance is used to encourage forward growth of the lower jaw. Out of all of the types of appliances currently available to position the lower jaw forward this appliance is the easiest to get used to and is the least obtrusive.


Forsus are the latest in technology for correcting class II bite problems. This is an alternative to headgears or many months of rubber bands to help correct this type of bite. Faster and better results with this addition to the treatment.


Retainers are worn when main treatment is finished to let the teeth settle into their correct positions. This kind of appliance may also be used to close small spaces or make minor movements of your teeth. Depending on your treatment you may have top and/or bottom retainers. We offer two types of removable retainers: Hawley (plastic wired retainer) or Essix retainer ( clear shell retainer).


TADS are small mini implants that can be placed in the bone surrounding teeth to help correct the bite or close space in difficult cases.


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