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Ortho Vocabulary

New words you will hear!

1. MALOCCLUSION- means bad bite. This is the basic reason we have gone into orthodontic treatment care for you.

2. BITE- the way your teeth fit together when you bring them into a normal chewing relation.

3. OVERBITE- term used to describe the upper teeth biting over the lower teeth. Mild overbite is normal but moderate to severe overbite can cause problems and facial changes.

4. CROSSBITE- when the lower tooth slips to the outside of the upper tooth.

5. BANDS- small, thin, metal ring that we cement round your teeth.

6. BRACKET- little metal or ceramic attachments bonded directly to your teeth.

7. ARCHWIRE- this is the main wire that fits into the brackets or other attachments. This is fasten to your brackets by elastic or metal ties. By bending the archwire, doctor will shift your teeth.

8. HOOK- this is a little attachment on some of the brackets. This is used to hook up rubber bands or other appliances.

9. WAX- during the first few days after you get your braces you may feel the fullness and rough edges before you get used to it. Wax will help you smooth out these edges. During the treatment you may still use wax in case of any discomfort.

10. PLAQUE- formed by colonizing bacteria trying to attach themselves to a smooth surface (of a tooth). Poor oral hygiene can cause plaque build up which can lead to plaque associated gum disease and teeth decalcification.

11. POH- stands for Poor Oral Hygiene. This is a red flag! Keeping your teeth clean will benefit your overall health.

12. SPACERS- rubber rings that will go in between your molars about a week before we put your braces on. This will help to make some space for bands at the day of the bonding.

13. RUBBER BANDS- elastics that you may be required to wear to correct your bite. There are a few different ways to put them on, but doctor will give you specyfic instructions how to wear them.





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